Tracy Miller Law

Tracy Miller

B.A., L.L.B.

Tracy Miller B.A., L.L.B. practices exclusively in the area of matrimonial law, including divorce, separation agreements, custody and access disputes, and division of property cases. She attended Queen’s University before graduating Law School at the University of Windsor.

Called to the bar in 1989, Ms. Miller has practised family law for 29 years. She has tried cases in Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice and Divisional Court. Ms. Miller argued cases in the Ontario Court of Appeal. Ms. Miller is a member of the Waterloo Law Association.

Over the past several years, Ms. Miller has become increasingly more involved with mediating family law disputes. It is a less expensive and more efficient process. People can resolve their issues in a civil and cost efficient way.

Heather McLeod Law

Heather McLeod

Law Clerk

Heather McLeod completed her Honours Law Clerk Diploma in 2009 and has since completed the Family Mediation Training for Power Imbalances and Domestic Violence. Her degree in social work and work history before joining Miller Law & Mediation gives her a unique perspective in working with clients in crisis. Heather works on all aspects of the Family Law practice.

Heather is an integral part of Miller Law & Mediation. She is involved with everything from scheduling to addressing questions and concerns clients have about the process they have chosen.

Heather also assists clients with completion of documents. Heather enjoys working with the clients and dealing with the various aspects of their matter as efficiently as possible for the benefit of clients and their families. 

Rhonda Martin Divorce Financial Analyst

Rhonda Martin

Divorce Financial Analyst

Rhonda has been a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, since 2013, a Business graduate, and owner for PlanForWealth Ltd, a financial services company since 2004.

Rhonda is responsible for building settlement plans that achieve equity and fairness for today AND tomorrow’s realities, along the way doing her part to solve the many hurdles to separating financially.

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