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What is Litigation?

Litigation is when you go to court.
In family law, the litigation process is used when two or more parties cannot resolve their domestic issues through any means; thus they go to court. At court, all decisions are made by a judge in the form of a court order.
A family court judge may make court orders regarding the custody of children, access/time with and support of children, spousal support, property division, and other domestic issues. Once the judge has made an order, all parties involved in the proceedings are legally bound to comply with it.

The Family Law Litigation Process

Issues which may be resolved in litigation include:


Depending on your situation, divorce can be a difficult or easy process. Regardless, completing even the most straightforward divorce requires filing many documents. This process can be very time-consuming and frustrating for a non-lawyer. 

Custody and Access to Children:

Child custody and access are often emotionally-charged issues. Upon separation, parents have to decide on where the children will live, who will make major decisions in the children’s lives, and the access schedule (if parents have joint custody).

Spousal and Child Support:

Determining how much child support and spousal support will be paid is important to the litigation proceedings. Spousal support is paid by one former spouse to another, whereas child support is paid from one former spouse to another in regards to childcare. The duration and amount paid vary from case to case.

Property Division:

How your assets and debts will be divided is an issue often disputed in litigation. The complexity will vary depending on the facts of your particular situation.

Our Commitment to Clients

At Miller Law & Mediation, we know that the court process can be very stressful for clients. We explain each step of the litigation process to our clients to ensure they understand the process in which they are involved. We also take the time to discuss the issues and options so clients can make informed decisions.
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