Family law is a delicate matter.

The events that draw us into the family court system are often difficult, complicated, and deeply personal. And each family comes to the system with their own unique needs.

Miller Law & Mediation is a boutique family law practice in Kitchener, Ontario that specializes in guiding families through separation and divorce, child custody and access, and property division. The Miller Law & Mediation approach recognizes that every situation is unique, offering personalized solutions that address each client’s individual needs and objectives.

In her 29 years in practice, Tracy Miller has helped hundreds of families navigate the complexities of the legal process. The efficacy of her approach is evidenced in the numerous case reports that have been published as far back as 1989. Tracy Miller and the Miller Law & Mediation team will put their years of expertise to work in finding tailor-made solutions for your unique situation.

Miller Law & Mediation offers a range of family law services in Kitchener, both within and outside the courtroom litigation process.

Marriage and Cohabitation Contracts

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements allow families to move forward with confidence. Miller Law and Mediation’s family lawyer offer drafting services in Kitchener for both marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements.

Separation and Divorce

Whether the situation involves married or common-law spouses, separation can raise complex legal issues. Tracy Miller will provide sound advice and representation to families going through separation or divorce in Kitchener.

Child Custody and Access

When families separate, child custody and access can be a highly emotional and contested matter. Tracy Miller is an experienced family lawyer sensitive to the needs of families on issues of child custody and access.


The Miller Law & Mediation team works to find suitable and cost-effective solutions outside the family court system. Tracy Miller is a strong advocate and sound adviser for clients in the settlement and negotiation process.


When settlement is not an option, Miller Law & Mediation advocates on behalf of families throughout the litigation process. Tracy Miller has 29 years of experience representing clients at various levels of the family court system

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